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Build Beyond

Sui delivers the benefits of Web3 with the ease of Web2

The most innovative companies build on Sui

Scalable infrastructure that’s fast, secure, and affordable

Unrivaled speed coupled with low, predictable fees means cost stays down when demand goes up

Transactions per second
297,000 TPS
time to finality
~400ms (avg)
total active accounts
total transactions

Uniquely achievable on Sui

Designed to deliver on the promise of Web3

Ownership as you expect it
Assets are stored securely onchain, evolving with the needs of users.
Familiar user experience
Using apps on Sui can be as easy as logging on with your web credentials.
Positioned for the future
Network capacity expands to meet demand, growing with your business not against it.
Players own assets, creators manage royalties
Sui offers what games built on blockchain require: well-rounded functionality, abstraction, scalability, speed, and affordability. Dynamic assets increase engagement. Customizable transfer policies offer control.
Increase customer engagement and loyalty for less
Creatively expand growth and retention programs by integrating Sui’s dynamic and composable assets. Users can authenticate with web credentials to reduce friction.
Accessible services with near-instant settlement
Users can conduct transactions as close to market conditions as possible. Builders can create innovative products with liquidity from a native central limit order book, providing fully onchain routing and matching.
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Less code, more secure

Move is the most powerful smart contract programming language

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Grants projects funded

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