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Request for

Apply for funding to develop specific project ideas that advance the Sui ecosystem.

Project Name
RFP Status
Application Deadline
Marketplace for Smart Contract Templates
Create a marketplace for developers that want to purchase or provide smart contract templates. With such a niche user base, it is important that the incentives of this application are crafted to support the desired dynamics.
Open to applications
April 1, 2024
Kiosk Compatible No-Code Launchpad for Creators & Brands
Create a user-friendly application enabling non-technical individuals, such as artists and creators, and brands to create onchain assets with uniquely defined kiosk transfer policies
Open to applications
April 1, 2024
Unlocking Onchain Loyalty: Smart Contracts, White Label UX, and Advanced Features
Businesses are keen to capitalize on the opportunities for loyalty onchain. However building smart contracts is hard and we want to offer ready made solutions for three specific catorgories: Sports & Entertainment, Food & Service, and a more Generalized solution. We want a minimum of one vendor per category.
Open to applications
April 8, 2024
RFP Program

Our recent RFP round closed on April 8th, and we're currently reviewing applications. Stay tuned for the launch of new RFP's soon!

Open to applications
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Application requirements


Relevant expertise, skills, and experience related to the RFP topic or technology.

Community engagement

Active involvement, or demonstrated interest, in the Sui ecosystem.

Project scope

Detailed scope of the unique project idea outlined in the RFP.

Proposed budget

A budget and clear use of the grant funds.

Ability to execute

Strong track record of past contributions and achievements.


Completion of KYC/KYB process.

Process overview

1. Application
Complete the proposal form linked to your chosen project. Applications are accepted until each RFP’s application deadline.
2. Review period
The Sui Foundation evaluates all submitted applications, and sends shortlisted candidates to an RFP committee to select a winner.
3. Identity
The award recipient undergoes identity verification checks.
4. Grant 
The award recipient completes a signed agreement outlining mutually agreed-upon milestones to complete the project.
5. Project launch
The award recipient begins building.


Who can submit proposals?
Are all RFPs developer-based?
How many proposals are accepted?
How can I find the current RFPs and submit a proposal?
What if there are no RFPs currently available?
How long will it take to receive a decision from the Sui Foundation?
How are proposals evaluated and selected?
Who decides on the winning proposal?
Will I be notified if the proposal I submitted is not chosen?
Is there any financial support available for the chosen proposal?
Can I collaborate with others on a proposal?
What happens if my proposal is not selected?