Sui Academic Research Awards

Sui Foundation is committed to supporting academics and researchers in pushing the boundaries of what's possible in technology, finance, economics, and more. We invite applications for Sui Academic Research Awards (SARAs) from researchers with proposals aligned to our mission to support the advancement and adoption of technology and web3.

Research Themes
Distributed, decentralized, and permissionless computer systems and mechanisms
Smart contract languages, tools, and techniques
Techniques for high assurance and verification of protocols and software
Cryptographic, computer security, and privacy techniques
Mechanisms based on crypto-economics or game theory
Advanced applications, ecosystem components, and uses of blockchain platforms of relevance to the Sui platform
Finance including trade, payment systems, capital flows, marketplaces, and commerce
Tokenization and securitization of physically indivisible assets such as art and music
Public policy, organizations, and personal rights including decentralized identities, censorship, and governance
Decentralization and society including philosophy of decentralization, its impact on democracy, and its role in welfare economics


Each proposal must be led by a Principal Investigator (PI) with a track record of peer-reviewed published academic research in relevant fields.

The PI must hold a position or be affiliated with a recognized academic institution and/or research center that is willing to receive and administer the funds awarded.

Funding Amount

Accepted proposals will be granted a fixed award of $25k USD worth of SUI tokens, intended to cover costs related to the research. Institutions accepting on behalf of the PI must be ready to accept SUI token.


Prepare and Submit Application

Proposals must contain a clear description of the problem and tentative solution to be investigated. Include clear details of how your research is relevant to Sui Foundation objectives.

Apply Now
For inquires or questions related to SARAs, please email [email protected]
Application Review

Proposals will be reviewed by a committee of researchers.


We will notify applicants via email whether their proposal has been accepted or declined.

Submission Timeline

Applications can be submitted at any time and are processed every quarter. The cut off dates for each quarter are: