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Fuel Your Innovation

Sui Foundation funds grants for builders, community members, and academics committed to the adoption and advancement of Sui.

Apply now


Craft a comprehensive proposal

Show clear
long term value

Detail a clear
use of funds

Stay engaged during the process

Demonstrate an ability to execute

Be ready to

Application Process
Application Submission

Choose your grant type and send in your application

Review Period

Sui Foundation team will review the application based on its merit

Voting & Approval

Projects shortlisted in the review stage will be voted on by the grant committee

Identity Verification

Identity verification (KYC/ KYB) required to unlock the grant reward

Grant Agreement

Signed agreement outlining the milestones to be achieved

Grant Disbursement

With all the steps complete, you are ready to receive your grant disbursement

Frequently asked questions
Who’s eligible for a grant?
How long does the evaluation process take?
How does the Sui Foundation communicate with applicants?
How do I know which grant type I should apply for?
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What size are the grants?
How will grants be distributed?
Are individuals or organizations from any country allowed to apply?
Can I apply for multiple grants with different project proposals?
Are there any restrictions on how grant funds can be used?
If my project is selected, what are the reporting and accountability requirements?
If accepted, how are payments broken down?
Can I apply for the grant program if my project is still in the early stages of development?
Can I submit a proposal for an existing blockchain project that requires funding for expansion or improvement?
Can I collaborate with other individuals or organizations on a project proposal?
What happens if my project is not selected for funding?
Can I reapply for the grant program in the future if my initial application is not successful?