SUI Token Supply and Circulation

Sui Mainnet launched publicly on May 3, 2023. The network's native token, SUI, facilitates on-chain transactions, pays gas fees, secures the network, and provides on-chain liquidity. The SUI token supply is capped and has a long-run circulating supply of 10 billion tokens. At Mainnet launch, roughly 5% of all tokens were in circulation with the remainder being released on a proposed schedule, as shown in the graph below, to maintain network stability.

The total supply has been apportioned in a manner to support those who contributed to the launch of Sui Mainnet and ensure its ongoing health through a vibrant, active community.

This chart presents an estimate of the circulating supply over the next seven years.
SUI Circulating Supply
Sui Circulating Supply

Note that circulation amounts refer to numbers at the end of each month.

Token Circulation FAQ

How many SUI tokens are circulating on the Sui network?

The total supply of SUI tokens is set at 10 billion. This number ensures a stable tokenomics model to support the Sui network's health. However, not all SUI tokens are available yet. There will be SUI token releases occurring periodically in the future. The release schedule is determined by the needs of the network.

When will more SUI tokens become available?

The chart above gives an estimate of when new tranches of SUI tokens will be released. However, the release schedule will revolve around how the Sui Foundation deploys its token allocation to support builders and the ecosystem.

How can I use the API to integrate SUI token circulation data?

This rest API offers two endpoints:

- Circulation data for the current month (number format):

- Circulation data for the current month (JSON format):

- Circulation data for all recorded months (number format):

- Circulation data for all recorded months (JSON format):

Both endpoints can be invoked through a simple REST GET request or through a command line interface:
curl ‍

Why does the Sui Foundation manage the SUI token Community Reserve?

The Sui Foundation is an independent organization dedicated to the growth and development of the Sui network. It allocates tokens through a variety of programs, including grants and education, to promote an active, healthy network.

How will the Community Reserve be utilized?

The Community Reserve will be used across a variety of community programs including:

  • Delegation Program: The Foundation will help bootstrap community-run Validators and will promote an even stake distribution across network Validators by delegating its stake to aligned third parties.
  • Grant Programs: The Foundation will distribute tokens directly to developers, community ambassadors, and other participants who are building on Sui and creating the educational materials to make it easier for onboarding into Sui. Learn more about:
    - Education Grants
    - Developer Grants
  • Research and Development: The Foundation will support the further advancement of the Sui protocol, ensuring that its technological edge remains true even in the far future.

What is the Community Access program?

The Sui Community Access program allowed early contributors to the Sui ecosystem an opportunity to buy SUI tokens. These contributors needed SUI to run the apps and services they had been developing. Their early efforts before Mainnet launch showed their dedication to and interest in supporting Sui.

What is the Mysten Labs treasury?

Mysten Labs is the original contributor behind Sui. Although Sui is open source and has a vibrant community of contributors, Mysten Labs created the original code as the network's initial contributor and received a portion of the SUI token supply regarded in the Sui Tokenomics as the Mysten Labs Treasury.

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