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Sui Foundation

An independent organization dedicated to the advancement and adoption of Sui

The Sui Foundation’s mission is to onboard the next billion users to web3 by advancing the global adoption of the Sui blockchain.


The Sui Foundation exists in service of the Sui community and is committed to three principles for decentralization.

Transparency to ensure fairness

All members of the Sui community must have equal access to its programs and be subject to the same rules in order to ensure resources are distributed fairly.

Open communication to build trust

The Sui Foundation errs on the side of early communication and open dialogue to ensure all voices are heard.

Direct engagement to foster participation

The Sui Foundation promotes community participation in its operations and governance projects.


The Sui Foundation marshals financial and personnel resources to fulfill its mission, including by educating, activating, funding, and promoting builders and creators working on Sui-based projects. It administers a few key programs including the Developer Grant Program, the Delegation Program, and the Ambassador Program.

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