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This policy outlines the expected behaviors and guidelines for community members’ use of the Sui Foundation’s brand assets. These assets include the name Sui, as it refers to the blockchain network, the Sui droplet logo, and any other trademarked assets of the Sui Foundation. We aim to foster a collaborative and respectful environment while safeguarding the integrity of the Sui brand and the well-being of our community members.

We encourage the community to help maintain Sui's reputation by reporting any improper use of the Sui trademark  brand assets, as outlined below, on the security issue reporting form.

Sui Foundation Responsibilities

Perform Community Outreach:

  • Education: As responsible community members, we help educate others about the risks associated with unauthorized brand usage.
  • Affiliation: Clarify which projects are official partners with or sponsored by the Sui Foundation.

Utilize Official Communication Channels:

  • For accurate information, official announcements, and updates, refer to the Sui Foundation's official communication channels and platforms. This helps avoid misinformation and confusion.
  • These channels include:

Enable User Safety:

  • Protecting the safety of Sui users is paramount. We will address misuse of the Sui network or the Sui Foundation’s trademarked assets.

Sui Community Responsibilities

Brand Respect and Usage

  • Community members can reference Sui in the context of the network on which their project is developed or the type of Validator they operate, but they may not use the Sui brand, logo, or name in any part of their project's name.
  • Community members may refer to Sui in their documentation, media outreach, and in research papers.

Examples of proper use:

  • "Built on Sui"
  • "A tool built for exploring Sui"
  • “Attend our project’s talk at the Sui Builder House”

Examples of improper use:

  • “Powered by Sui”  
  • "$SUI Airdrop"
  • Using the Sui droplet logo as part of another company's logo (without prior written consent).
  • Using the name Sui for a different blockchain network
  • Creating a website which mimics Sui's branding and/or functionality for purposes not authorized by Sui
  • Using the Sui name or logo in educational material without official consent
  • Using outdated versions of the Sui logo

Social Media Engagement:

  • Responsible Sharing: While promoting Sui Foundation initiatives is encouraged, community members should verify the authenticity of third-party content before sharing to prevent inadvertently endorsing scams.

Transparent Affiliation:

  • The Sui Foundation sponsors grants, hackathons, and similar activities to support projects. Participants and winners who choose to create content related to these activities should be clear about the nature of their participation, and they may not use the Sui brand assets to amplify their content without prior written consent from the Sui Foundation.
  • Some projects may enter into sponsorship or partnership agreements with the Sui Foundation, and should characterize those agreements in the manner stated in the agreement. No project or community member may claim sponsorship or partnership unless a formal agreement is in place.

Reporting Suspicious Activities:

  • Community members are encouraged to report any suspicious activities or entities misusing the Sui brand for fraudulent purposes. Rapid reporting helps us maintain a secure and trustworthy ecosystem.
  • Reports of improper use of the Sui trademark and brand assets, as outlined above, can be made via the security issue reporting form.

By adhering to these community behaviors and guidelines, we can collectively contribute to a secure, transparent, and thriving ecosystem. Our shared efforts will strengthen collective reputation, foster trust among users, and contribute to ecosystem growth and success.