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Sui is an innovative, decentralized Layer 1 blockchain that redefines asset ownership.

Move feels like a paradigm change in web3 development. Treating objects as 1st class citizens brings composability to a whole new level.
We are thrilled to be building on Sui. Its capacity to facilitate on-chain experiences that keep players fully engaged and to create dynamic, composable, and innovative on-chain assets that resemble in-game items is truly game-changing.
Demand spikes, fees don’t
Horizontal scaling keeps fees low and steady even at times of increased demand.
Fast enough for any application
Parallel processing allows simple transactions, such as asset transfers, to finalize in real-time, without sacrificing security.
Dynamic assets you actually own
Sui’s object-centric data model allows digital assets and their attributes to live on-chain and outside of smart contracts.
Build with Confidence
Sui simplifies the smart contract development process with Move, a user-friendly programming language that’s both safe and expressive.
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Security is in Sui's DNA
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Sui Network and Move are designed to provide very high security guarantees to asset owners.
Secure Assets
Assets can only be used by their owners, no matter the transaction type.
Secure Contracts
Smart contracts define asset types and their logic, including applicable transaction types.
Secure Transactions
Transactions can be finalized even in adverse conditions.
Secure Network
Delegated Proof-of-Stake ensures validators are accountable to the Sui community.
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