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SUI Token Supply and Circulation

Sui Mainnet launched publicly on May 3, 2023. The network's native token, SUI, facilitates on-chain transactions, pays gas fees, secures the network, and provides on-chain liquidity. The SUI token supply is capped and has a long-run circulating supply of 10 billion tokens. At Mainnet launch, roughly 5% of all tokens were in circulation with the remainder being released on a proposed schedule, as shown in the graph below, to maintain network stability.

The total supply has been apportioned in a manner to support those who contributed to the launch of Sui Mainnet and ensure its ongoing health through a vibrant, active community.

This chart presents an estimate of the circulating supply over the next seven years.
SUI Circulating Supply
Sui Circulating Supply

Note that circulation amounts refer to numbers at the end of each month.

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