Sui Liquid Staking Hackathon

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The total prize pool is
25 million SUI
in staked tokens and $125,000 USD in SUI tokens
August 16th - October 2nd

Liquid Staking Hackathon Overview

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On July 27, the Sui framework was upgraded to enable developers to build non-custodial liquid staking applications on Sui. This additional functionality in the protocol has created new opportunities for developers to innovate and build creative apps and financial products on Sui.

Sui Foundation is hosting the Liquid Staking Hackathon to identify and reward developer teams that build non-custodial liquid staking functionality into their apps and products.

Hackathon Timeline

Registration period
August 16-September 16
In-person check-in and workshops
Shortlisting judging period
September 17-21
Final round demos
September 28-29
Results announced
October 2
Competition Process
Continue to check this section for updates as additional details are announced.

Registration - August 16-September 16


  • The registration form opens on August 16 and will ask for information regarding the project, including a primary contact, description, and links to the project’s website and GitHub repo.
  • Project registrations will be checked for completion and accuracy of information, and incomplete registrations will be filtered out.

Builder House in Singapore - September 15, 2-5 p.m. SGT


  • Hackathon teams are invited to attend the Sui Builder House in Singapore in person to meet the Sui Foundation and Mysten Labs teams, hackathon judges, and other DeFi projects.
  • At the Builder House, hackathon teams will have the opportunity to receive one-on-one feedback and guidance to improve their chances of being shortlisted and succeeding in the competition.

Shortlisting - September 17-21


  • Shortlisted projects are selected from the pool of registered projects on a rolling basis and will be announced at a regular cadence.
  • A committee of scorers from the Sui Foundation, co-hosts, strategic partners, and ecosystem projects will be selecting the shortlisted projects.
  • Scores are based on a pre-set rubric and projects that meet a threshold of the minimum average score will be shortlisted.

Demo Day Sessions – September 28, 9 p.m.-12 a.m. PT
(September 29 6-9 a.m. CET, 12-3 p.m. HKT)


  • The demo day sessions will consist of online demos and Q&A that will be broadcast through StreamYard and Sui Foundation’s official Youtube channel.
  • Each team will be given a 15-minute slot, with 5 minutes of demo time and 10 minutes of Q&A with the judging panel.
  • The panel of judges and experts selected by the Sui Foundation and the hackathon partners will submit scores for each project demo based on a pre-set rubric. These scores will be used to determine the winners of each category. 
  • Competition results will be announced on October 2nd.

Categories and Prize Pools

Liquid Staking Protocol
Non-custodial liquid staking layer 1 implementations
The staked token amount of 25 million SUI will be divided equally among the top 3 teams.
LST DeFi and Tooling
LST derivative based products (LST DeFi and other LST L2 products) or LST related tooling and infrastructure
1st place: $50,000
2nd place: $30,000
3rd place: $20,000
Honorable Mentions
$25,000 split evenly between all shortlisted teams that do not place in the top three of either category

Additional Bounties

Cetus Bounty
$5000 USD in CETUS tokens to an LST DeFi vault based on Cetus

In order to qualify for the Cetus bounty, the project team must build an LST DeFi vault focused on a stSUI-SUI pool on Cetus. It should:
  • Allow users to easily add liquidity to the vault and get fungible LP tokens from the vault as ownership proof
  • Be responsible for adding liquidity to corresponding pools on Cetus and its further position management
  • Have a reasonable position rebalancing mechanism to maintain high capital efficiency
  • Provide a smart contract method to allow developers to easily get the underlying asset amounts of an LP token to encourage composability
  • Have an auto-compound feature that can help users to accrue transaction fee earnings and farming rewards (optional)
Additional details
NAVI Bounty
$8000 USD in NAVI tokens to an LST DeFi project that leverages their protocol.

In order to qualify for the NAVI bounty, the project team must seamlessly integrate and leverage the NAVI Protocol's capabilities into the LST DeFi ecosystem. Of particular interest are solutions that enhance DeFi offerings, streamline user experiences, and create new opportunities for financial activities. It should:
  • Integrate NAVI Protocol’s lending/borrowing features and smart contract
  • Ensure transactional security, efficiency, and low latency
  • Have a user-friendly interface using concepts such as step-by-step guides, FAQs, and tooltips
  • Consider areas such as flash loans, yield farming, and staking
  • Have undergone rigorous testing, including but not limited to security audits, performance tests, and user acceptance tests
  • Be able to provide a live demonstration on a testnet before final deployment
Additional details
Scallop Bounty
$5000 USD in SUI tokens to an LST DeFi project that incorporates their protocol

To qualify for the Scallop bounty, the project team must develop a product that integrates Scallop's advanced capabilities into the Sui LST DeFi ecosystem. Of particular interest are solutions that:
  • Integrate Scallop's lending/borrowing features and smart contract
  • Leverage the Scallop SDK and sCoins (Scallop Market Coins) for new financial products
  • Ensure robust transactional security, efficiency, and low latency
  • Deliver a user-friendly experience using elements like step-by-step guides, FAQs, and tooltips
  • Explore areas such as flash loans, yield farming, and staking with Scallop's technology
  • Undergo rigorous testing phases, including but not limited to security audits, performance tests, and user-acceptance tests
  • Provide a live demonstration on a testnet before the final deployment
Additional details
September 15

Builder House Singapore

Sui Builder Houses are the center of the in-person Sui universe. Our Builder Houses provide opportunities to meet and collaborate with Sui builders across the globe and learn the latest technologies and updates for building on the Sui platform.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the hackathon start?

The hackathon officially begins on August 15, when the registration form opens. You have until September 15 to submit your project for shortlisting consideration.

Can existing projects on Sui participate?

Yes! As the feature to enable non-custodial liquid staking is fairly new on Sui, it was not previously possible to build so all projects can participate. However, for existing projects on Sui, only their newly-built liquid staking features will be considered for judging to maintain a level playing field with new projects.

Are participants allowed to register as individuals or only as teams?

Both individuals and teams are allowed to register for the hackathon. We will facilitate matchmaking for individuals to help them form teams.

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