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Participate in the next Sui Hackathon

Get Up to Speed on Sui
Watch pre-recorded workshops on the most useful Sui features, APIs, and tools to build your hackathon project.

Tips for Succeeding at Hackathons

Research the Hackathon
Get to know the themes, the latest innovations from Sui, and look for interesting problems to solve. Review the rules, criteria, and project ideas so you’re prepared.
Find a Team
Building with team members can help fill the gaps in your skillset and keep you motivated. Of course, you’re welcome to hack solo too!
Show up Ready to Go
Make sure you’re set up for the hackathon prior to getting there IRL. Read the docs for basic environment setup and CLI. Make sure you’re familiar with Move ahead of time.
Create a Demo
Make sure your product works well and consider creating a demo to showcase it.
Sell Your Vision
Clearly articulate your idea, vision, and value proposition to get people excited.
Have Fun
Use the hackathon as a way to practice, upskill, and connect. You’ll meet friends and connections that last long past the hackathon.