Start Building the Future of Web3 Education

Our education grants program accelerates the adoption of web3 and enables community members to build education materials in the open. Projects must support the growth of the Sui ecosystem.

Suggested Categories
Educational content including tutorials, guides, video, and written pieces
Gamified learning experiences including learn-to-earn and other experiential education products
Developer educational resources that make building faster
Bootcamps, IRL learning opportunities, or hubs in your region
Structured curriculums with lesson plans for different audience groups
Interactive educational opportunities leveraging AI
Tips for Navigating the Application Process
Craft a Comprehensive Proposal
An ideal proposal would include your audience segments, goals, description of the program, and metrics for success.
Clear Use of Funds
Indicate how you will allocate the grant and how this will help you accomplish your goals.
Demonstrate an Ability to Execute
Showcase examples of previous success and/or experience with educational programming.
Enable Anyone to Learn
Creating open-source education materials enables other Sui community members to utilize or modify these materials to teach builders in their own regions.
Stay Engaged During the Process
The review committee may have follow-up questions in order to consider your application.
Be Ready to KYC
If selected, awardees are required to pass an identity verification process and sanctions screening process.

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