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Sui Ambassadors
The Four Types of Ambassadors
Ambassadors are individuals that recognize the potential of Sui’s technology and are passionate about helping others understand its utility.
The Educator
Individuals who enjoy sharing their knowledge and expertise
The Creator
Individuals who enjoy creating content that breaks down complex concepts so everyone can understand
The Energizer
Individuals who love to bring the community together and make meaningful connections in a fun way
The Organizer
Individuals who build community through planning and executing amazing gatherings
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Sui Ambassadors are public-facing community representatives. Our ideal ambassadors are passionate about any of the following:
Content Creation
Craft articles, guides, blog posts, designing infographics, or create animated videos.
Community Building
Host community events and meetups, or help with community management.
Share presentations or educate and amplify through social media.
Be a resource to support and uplift the community.
These folks epitomize the values and spirit of our community
Shirlene Liu
Shirlene Liu
Mainland China
Shirlene Liu#2133
A former tech media writer and seasoned digital nomad.Currently, a rotating host at MoveFunsDAO.
Shirlene’s superpowers
Digital Events
I can’t wait to start connecting with you all and building the best community web3 has ever seen!
Brendan’s superpowers
Digital Events
Pika 皮卡
Pika 皮卡
Shenzhen, China
Like a crow, smart but mischievous man.

Pika’s superpowers
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