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Move is an open source language for writing safe smart contracts. It was originally developed at Facebook to power the Diem blockchain. However, Move was designed as a platform-agnostic language to enable common libraries, tooling, and developer communities across blockchains with vastly different data and execution models. Sui, 0L, and Starcoin are using Move, and there are also plans to integrate the language in several upcoming and existing platforms (e.g., Celo).

The Move language documentation is available in the Move GitHub repository and includes a tutorial and a book describing language features in detail. These are invaluable resources to deepen your understanding of the Move language but not strict prerequisites to following the Sui tutorial, which we strived to make self-contained. Further, Sui does differ in some ways from Move, which we explore here.

In Sui, Move is used to define, create and manage programmable Sui objects representing user-level assets. Sui imposes additional restrictions on the code that can be written in Move, effectively using a subset of Move (a.k.a. Sui Move), which makes certain parts of the original Move documentation not applicable to smart contract development in Sui.