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Announcing Sui Wallet

Summary: Download the Sui Wallet V0.0.2 here.

It’s been an action-packed week where we announced the Sui incentivized testnet, Move VSCode, and Sui Move, and to close out the week with a bang we would like to introduce the Sui Wallet — a Chrome extension self-custody wallet.

What is the Sui Wallet?

The open-sourced Sui Wallet gives Sui users the ability to create an address, view and manage assets on the Sui network, and interact with dApps. The Sui Wallet serves as a reference implementation for other potential wallets and applications in the Sui ecosystem. To that end it will showcase the latest and most unique Sui capabilities. We believe the Sui Wallet repo will act as an important ecosystem enablement tool as Sui starts to support at scale use cases, Move-powered ownership models, and other features unique to Sui.

The Sui Wallet will adapt based on input from the developer community. Make sure to join our Sui Discord and provide feedback directly on the #general or #suggestions channels.

What’s Next?

The path to true Web3 adoption is an empowered developer community and the ecosystem at large. The Sui team is building the best, high performance blockchain for wide adoption — and the best ideas, applications, and businesses will come from the community.

The Sui Wallet is a tool for ecosystem enablement and education and not meant to be the de facto wallet. We are open to collaboration and are eager to see what our community will build. In fact, the current definitions of a crypto wallet can be limiting and not optimized for rapid user adoption and massive web2 migration. As wallet builders start to push for the next iteration of wallets we too look forward to seeing what the Sui community will dream up.

Select Features in V0.0.2

Create account or import an existing wallet


Transfer SUI tokens and NFTs

Simple wallet connect with example dApp that mints custom NFT

View history and verify on Sui Explorer

Human-readable transaction signing

Instead of only showing a serialized transaction signing request and letting you guess, Sui wallet clearly shows the contents of the transaction so that you can sign with confidence. More is work in progress!

Upcoming Features

  • New designs
  • Onboarding flow optimization
  • Staking flow
  • Wallet to application communication
  • DApps discovery

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