About the
Sui Foundation
An independent organization supporting the Sui community and its projects.

The Sui Foundation’s mission is to onboard the next billion users to web3 by advancing the global adoption of the Sui blockchain.

The Sui Foundation is committed to three decentralization principles:

Embrace transparency and level the playing field

The Sui Foundation will design its programs to allocate and distribute funding in a fair, open, and democratic fashion. The Sui Foundation will create a home for all Sui members and ensure everyone has equal access to its programs and is subject to the same rules.

Communicate openly to build a culture of trust

The Sui Foundation will share its decisions and establish a dialogue with the community. The Foundation will err on the side of communicating early to ensure all Sui voices are heard and its operations are aligned with the network's long-term interest.

Engage directly with
the community

The Sui Foundation aims to use community participation in its operations and governance — whether it be as reviewers for Foundation Grant Program applications, participants in the Sui Foundation’s stake delegation choice, or other projects.

The Sui Foundation marshals financial and personnel resources to fulfill its mission, including by educating, activating, funding, and promoting builders and creators working on Sui-based projects. It administers a few key programs including the Developer Grant Program, the Delegation Program, and the Ambassador Program.

Join the Sui Foundation

The Sui Foundation team is 100% remote and is a global workforce. Join us to support the advancement and adoption of the Sui network.